I…I’m so sorry.

No I’m not. :D

I…I’m so sorry.

No I’m not. :D

Color Shot

I made a game yesterday! It was good to get something out there. This one experiments a bit with some ideas I’ve had about matching colors of shots to colors of enemies. Enjoy!

I’ve decided to go in a completely different direction than before, and now my games will be in Flash (Actionscript 3.1).  The blue rectangle is being controlled by me.  The yellow one represents and enemy.  The gray area represents a barrier in the game, and handles collisions between itself and everything else that moves. The red square represents the collision box when I attack, and if you look closely you can see the yellow rectangular “enemy” get pushed away when my attacks hit it.

I’ve decided that the engine, as it is now, should suffice for my efforts at actually making a game.  Today, I’ve made a flat ground object with randomly-placed and randomly-sized buildings on it.  The ground also has randomly-placed water on it, for later functionality in the game.

Features Added:

-Weapons now deal damage to the player

-Damage done to the player will cause a notification to appear informing the player of the direction of the source of the damage

-Damage to the player now plays a sound

Features Added:

-Decals (bullet holes) no longer appear on non-stationary objects

-Non-stationary objects are now propelled by impacts from weapon fire

-Player hit detection from weapon fire

-Other player with weapon that fires partially implemented (still buggy)

-Other player’s weapons and sounds are emitted from its location and take distance into account

Features Added:

-Weapon dropping/picking up

-New machine-gun-like weapon (which implements the auto-fire feature)

-Camera kickback when firing weapons (view jerking)

Yesterday I promised and today I deliver!  We’re going to have guns.  Lots of guns.

Features Added:

-On-demand reloading

-A new shotgun-like weapon

-Weapon switching (and the ability to have more than one weapon)

-Decals (bullet holes) remove themselves after a while

-Weapon impact control implemented (how many objects does a weapon’s shot go through before stopping)

-Weapon fire/auto-fire control implemented (click for each shot/hold down to shoot)

10.02.11 - Weapons, Items, Health and Armor

All code today, but some pretty exciting stuff

Features added:

-Support for items with health, items that can be picked up and dropped

-Player health, armor, multiple weapons, item inventory

-Weapon changing and weapon change delay control

-Framework laid for damage system and healing system for game objects with health (including players)

-Warning debug message system for non-fatal unsafe operations

Again, this won’t be a super exciting update, but I have managed to get some pretty important things done.  I’ve reorganized how weapons and the HUD work, and tied together some pretty big things in the code.  I’ve also added a new section, Engine, to the to-do list, which contains things that I need to get done in the code.

Features added:

-Weapon reloading

-HUD now shows current clip ammo and remaining ammo

-Weapon specifications can now be set (fire rate, accuracy, reload time, clip size, etc.)

-Secondary fire for weapons (not shown in video because while the functionality is there, I haven’t actually used it yet)